I’ve been taking Marconics training over the last year, as well as reading “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” which both have a lot to do with intergalactic interactions. Aliens, UFO’s and related topics have been suddenly a the forefront of my divine training…much to my chagrin at first. But now I take it mostly in stride. A friend asked whether I had seen Arrival yet, so I pulled up the preview. My shoulders were twitching insistently just from watching the trailer, so I knew I had to see it. 

As I turned on the movie, I was told I had to sit still and pay attention for the whole thing. Pause for all notes and distractions. Thank goodness I was watching it at home!

I became twitchy at seeing the ship

Twitches & chills in the anti-gravity tunnel followed by the knowing "This has actually happened." I believe that this confirmation means that this has occurred. The government has had a similar ship in its custody and people have explored it in a similar fashion.

Chills and peripheral lights (divine sparks of confirmation) at alien approach

Chills at the news cast playing in the background saying Pentecostal cult belief that "alien arrival set in motion a prophecy..."

Chills on her visual aid for communicating with them

Chills on first symbol/word they show

Chill on their name symbols

Chills on the fact that the symbols represent how they think, rather than just a word or statement

Big chills on her correlations between her memories of her daughter & the alien communications

"If all I ever gave you was a hammer, everything is a nail"- chills on the metaphor 

Massive twitching when they go back to ship after the weapon request, to clarify. The confirmation seems to be about the ship & the session itself

Chills on "in 3000 years we need humanity's help"

Chills on her having seen her future as child

Chills on learn their language, see time as they do

Chills and crying (bawling really) when the Japanese guy gives her his number in the future. It's real. It's so beautiful. We can do this. Time is not linear. I am not prone to sentimentality. A strong emotional response is an extreme form of intuitive confirmation.