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Do you give and give until theres nothing left?

Do you feel frustrated when your spouse leaves their stuff laying around?

Has your sex drive disappeared?

Do you feel unloved or misunderstood?


These are all common side effects of the same issue.

For many, the ending of the honeymoon phase devolves into less joy and more meh.

Over time resentment builds as people feel that their emotional needs are not being met, but rather than address that, most of us just pick apart our partners and focus on all the little things that annoy us.

If any of this sounds even remotely like you, I’ve got some massive relief for you. I can help you find out why this always happens and what to do about it in order to feel more fulfilled and connected than ever before.

Don’t let your meh become resentment and hatred. There’s a way out. I promise!

Who am i? I’m April Adams and I had exactly the issues above…many times. In fact it was an obsession for me to have that honeymoon phase last forever. After ruining several relationships, I set out to get answers for myself. 

I tried everything. For a long time all I got was minor improvement after minor improvement, but finally I found the set of tools that took care of the issue all at once. Now my love life is exactly what I had always been longing for- in part because I was able to heal my need and longing for it. 

I’ve discovered that we have to address things not only on the conscious level, but more importantly on the subconscious level- where all of our old wounds and triggers live. Address the issue there and you can finally move on. Ignore the subconscious and you’ll forever be at odds with yourself…and your partner.

Helping people address these issues on every level is now my life’s work. Let me show you how you can heal all of your relationships from the inside out.

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