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No signals on the first couple of scenes

Third eye on junkie's reaction to drug

Third eye beginning of Morgan freeman speech

Third eye & solar pressure on his speech about brain usage

Third eye and head pressure on meeting/vague explanation to Lucy after surgery 

Head tingles on time/reproductive talk (this means it's pretty accurate)

That guy with his hand down her shirt is in for a world of trouble 

Third eye on drug traveling through system

LMAO at the comic book effects of her reaction to assimilating the drug

Tingles on head at 20% + brain usage

Third eye & solar pressure on 100% question and Lucy getting up

Solar pressure on after-effects of drug: cunning, violence, strength, hunger

If you have control of the brain, you have control over pain, strength, and much more.

Solar & head pressure at overhearing conversations 

Third eye on reading foreign language 

Third eye on conversation with mom & what she can feel

Chills on remembering stuff from 1 yr. This isn't confirmation that this actually happened to her, but that it's possible for us if you access the right part of the brain in the right way.

Solar and third eye pressure on cph4 being what mothers produce during pregnancy to help the baby fast forward through growth

Third eye on scene where she goes back for revenge & knows where everyone is through walls and such

Third eye & solar on going back home, talking with roommate- researching 

Head pressure on Morgan Freeman's conversation with Lucy

Her monotone is interesting- bad acting or brilliant way of showing what it's like to be processing so much at once?

Third eye on controlling electric devices

Solar & head pressure on losing humanity 

Solar on the purpose is to pass on information 

Third eye on "pass it on"

Third eye and head pressure on changing hair

Nothing on the capture of 3 other carriers because it's a fictional story 

Solar on falling apart on airplane

Third eye on knocking everyone down and removing bullets

Third eye on seeing the energy, wifi, data

Head tingles on being able to move the policeman 

Third eye on "we never really die"

Head tingles on controlling people's mind/guns/surroundings

Silly special effects- pretty much for the thrill of movie-goers, because she would have totally been able to make them all do whatever she wanted- become her minions, fall in love with her, kill themselves or each other... she could have become invisible. the options are endless, but action movie silliness was chosen over emotional mind-control. Interesting.

Third eye tingles and pressure at meeting with Morgan 

Head tingles on "she's a witch" (That's how most people would see it if they encountered someone with those abilities.)

Head tingles on every cell talking to every other cell

Head and solar pressure on no numbers, no letters, it's just us trying to make sense of everything 

Nothing on "Without time we cease to exist"

Nothing on "Time is unity"

Third eye on forcing cells to get to 100%

Third eye on ignorance brings chaos  (and head tingles as I edit this page now)

Third eye getting to 70%, 80...

Solar pressure on building new computer 

Third eye, solar, & head pressure during teleportation, pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding  

Did her visit to past Lucy spark evolutionary changes? No it goes back even further.

Third eye on galaxies

Star sperms flowing toward galaxy spawning new universe?

She merged with the universe/all of creation/everything at 100% and saw its creation

At the end she says "Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it." 

No we really don't. Clearly.

What? Pass on knowledge? Value time over stuff? Set up for a sequel???

Incidentally I get no signals at all on the ending...neither from her "wise words" or Morgan's.

The first time I watched this, I didn't catch on to the creation of the whole universe, or the meaning of her becoming one with it by observing it. I think I was waiting to feel the energy from it, that never came. Now I'm still mostly unimpressed, even though I can see where they were trying to go with it.

Some have compared it with metaphysical concepts about us being one with all that is already, and so maybe she was able to finally see past the illusion and into that Truth of oneness, but I have begun to wonder if that is really the true purpose or meaning of our journey. 

Is it really our end goal to become one with all that is? That's what we already are. Our souls already live this, both in between lives and on other planes of existence. I used to believe that the goal was to create heaven (oneness) on Earth, but more and more, I'm being guided toward the NOW. What can I do now to create peace, joy and freedom in this moment, rather than making it about some vague future time.

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