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Medium Season 1

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Pilot (Episode 1)

Tingles on head when she remembers sign behind guy in interrogation room

Stomach for slides of crime scene 

Excitement & tingles when she breaks down how the crime/shooting went down

Solar & chest during bathtub conversation 

Giddiness when husband suggests she give the info to the authorities 

Giddiness on car conversation & psychic

Third Eye & galactic confirmation when psychic confronts her

"I'm here" higher self confirmation 

Stomach & giddiness Texas ranger arrival

Tingles on case description re: 17yo being a molester

Galactic conf on molester checking mail in her dream

Solar, giddy crime scene tour

Tingles when she goes upstairs with girl & stomach while she talks to her

Solar "we are out of here"

Giddy & tingles on where the body is

Tingles on call home

Giddy when cop shows up at motel- whole scene

Tingle on "you'll be living a long time."

Third Eye & solar on "Hurricane Allison" 

Dizzy tingles solar in interrogation room 

Higher self small animals being tortured 

Tingles shoulders emotions at chain of molester events

Solar he told everything to guy next door

Galactic did he mention 6 yo boy

3rd eye, solar, giddy on plane talking about outcome

Solar third Eye excitement at job offer with DA

Twitchy take breath away at seeing same guy from dream


I was feeling high and giddy at the end of this episode. Wow. Lots of truth in that one!


Episode 2

Stomach & heart pounding police bust

Stomach on family in bed/scream/nightmare 

Third Eye & heart discussion about being depressed 

Stomach on Ciscos

Heart pounding stomach DA & jury specialist 

Heart pounding stomach on talking about how her gift works

Stomach with guy's crimes

Stomach with jury file explanation 

Heart with Maxine jury candidate tingles during her fit

Chills on what Maxine wants

Stomach and tingles on other files

Chills on you were right

Chills on Italy dream but stomach on his words

Numb tongue on "gain" on game show

Stomach on news cast

Heart pounding & stomach wrong guy

Tingles on being wrong being human

I can sympathize with her frustration about the wishy-washyness of her gift- especially after my experience with Phoenix Forgotten

Chills and tingles on menu picture being the cause of her mistaken identity visions/dreams.


You may have noticed my stomach was tight for a lot of this episode. It means partial accuracy, so that makes sense to the fact that they took real events and tried to make them more interesting for TV, AND that her visions were partial accuracy too.

I have yet to discover what a pounding heart means. I'll let you know when I figure it out. You's think it meant suspense, fear, heart problems or angst- but none of that feels right. During a healing session a pounding heart often indicates arthritis, but that makes no sense in this context either.


Episode 3

Nothing on dream but head tingles and chills on the wake up from it

Head tingle on surprise party 

Head tingle on talking to husband about dream

Head tingle on Scanlon's instincts

Chills on therapist at murder scene in dream

Galactic confirmation on her being energy left behind by them

Solar pressure on "it was a 3rd person"

Solar pressure and haunting signal on crime scene photos and dreams

Third eye on guy at police station & solar pressure at his story

Head tingle at DA's conversation with victim

Heart at pregnant

Solar pressure on lunch phone call next to husband

Same wedding photographer????

Solar & throat on pictures being the key

I love that middle daughter!

Solar pressure & head tingle same photographer 

Giddiness & solar pressure at killers apartment 

Solar pressure during arrest

Giddy on birthday surprise trip...she knew


Episode 4

Head tingle on red riding hood

Chills & head tingles on her being assigned to cold cases

Stomach pressure on woman mis-describing husband's murderer

Head tingles on murder scene vision

Third eye on Alison coming home late & joe's frustration

Head tingles and chills on Bridget's new friend

Chills and tears at Bridget's friend /Alison seeing him

Third eye pressure & chills on Bridget playing with no one & parents discussion about it

Chills & emotion on phone call outcome

Head tingle conversation about parents discussing telling her

(On playground) Chills on "afraid to sleep"

Chills and emotion on sending Bobby home scene

Chill on red hood

Slight chill on chase but not much else about the case itself in this episode

Chills on Bridget's new friend


Episode 5

Nothing for first 10 min

Chills on reading with psychic on marriage 

Patricia Arquette looks pregnant when she's in the kitchen with her daughters

Geez! This one had practically nothing real at all!


Episode 6

Third Eye and stomach tightness at dream about guy taking her daughter 

Solar on "a week late"

Solar on pregnancy test 

Left shoulder on guy from dream in elevator 

Throats and solar on conversation about guy being a good Samaritan

Third eye pressure at her getting sick from meeting/touching Jared

Pressure all around head when she is talking to Joe about Jared

^This scene put me in a trance^

Solar & third eye on Ariel's math skills

Solar & head pressure on her talking about Jared with DA

Third Eye on conversation with Ariel

Patricia Arquette definitely looks pregnant laying in bed!

Solar on argument with Joe

Solar & heart while following him

Giddy and third eye on "daddy gives me the answers"

Tingles & solar on 'not pregnant' conversation 

Left shoulder on Ariel being gifted like mom

Third eye & heart on conversation with Sharona


Episode 7

Third eye Alison's speech 

Chills on jumper and realization of Golden Gate Bridge jumpers

Third eye & solar on her telling Joe about dream

Solar on friend with heart attack

Chills on work project woes of Joe & Brett

Chills and tingles numbers on electric line station 

Third Eye on boyfriend identifying body

Huge higher self yes on heart issue for Brett

Chills on examining tire tracks

Confirmation on softball team (chills and shoulders)

Super twitchy at Alison & DA talking about and to boyfriend. Whole scene!!

Huge Chills and twitching at lawyers testimony scene

All truth

Shoulders twitching at bed conversation

Twitching at signature situation

Chills while taking to boyfriend 

Third Eye, solar twitching and tingles at hospital room conversation 

My Guidance says: "This is what it takes to get Joe to believe."

Head tingles & solar on radio saying what she dreamt 

Head tingles on something isn't right

Twitchy on bed conversation 

Solar pressure & head tingles on 2 phones

Twitches on plot by son

Chills & head tingle about him turning on her on phone

Chills on wanting control of money 

Chills on Brett's death

Twitching on her knowing

Third Eye on solution on board

Chills on paper

Wow. Seems like that one was ALL true. There practically wasn't a moment where I wasn't getting a signal of some kind. A few details may have been ever so slightly off, but overall they did an amazing job of telling the truth in this episode.


Episode 8

Solar & throat on brother's wartime video

Left shoulder twitch on bombing

Head tingle & solar tightness on conversation about her brother

Solar tightness on radio broadcasts 

Solar pressure & nose pressure on job assignment/address

Tingles on driving up

Solar pressure burned out house

Touch of an electric finger on little girl (meaning there actually was a girl haunting that place)

Solar and nose pressure on conversation with ghost

Solar & nose pressure on conversation with boss

Solar & head pressure on arrival of car

Head tingle and giddiness on brother showing up safe

Giddy & twitching on hanging out with brother 

Wheee- that scene was energetically fun

Third Eye on plans for surf shop

Is it just me or does the actor playing her brother look a lot like the actress that plays Ariel? (the oldest daughter) His facial structure, expressions & mannerisms remind me of Ariel but according to IMDB it doesn't look like they're related at all.

Solar on brother & Bridget talking

Giddiness at hallway of ghosts in the hospital

Solar pressure at hand holding and visions

Third Eye pressure on "all she showed me was black" 

Third Eye and solar on porn playing in the living room

Brother is intuitive and doesn't want to be

Solar pressure & right twitch on buddy shooting guy in interrogation 

Left shoulder twitching on brother trying to block out voices & through that whole scene

He drinks himself stupid to shut out the gift

Shoulder twitch on bringing brother to house & with Alison talking to girl

Head tingles on brother playing with girl in window

Several confirmation signals on argument with brother 

Dizziness on brother talking to commander

Solar on brother having same vision

Solar & belly twitches on the commander giving them camera & kicking them out

Tingles and solar on commander in living room 

Right shoulder on brother trying to leave early

Head tingles and shoulder twitches during conversation with buddy

Shoulder twitches on "because you have a conscience" 

Shoulder twitches on buddy's confession and threats

Shoulder twitches on outcome of case with mom in hospital 

Solar pressure on brother was right

Last part with commander's ghost saluting brother not true- just fluff


Episode 9

Both shoulders back at fairy tale dream

Full body twitches on Ariel having that dream

Solar pressure & shoulder twitching on argument at breakfast

Left shoulder twitches on car conversation both shoulder back

Chest pressure & twitches at dragon billboard 

Tingles on it being an important dream

Giddiness at house & boy on bike

Tingles on "Sarah" 

Chills and emotions on finding Ariel/reunion

Head tingles on conversation about billboard Alison & Ariel

Third Eye pressure on dreaming about dead girl

Head tingles on the sentencing conversation 

Solar at video of kidnapping

Shoulder twitching and giddy about Joe hating Ariel having those dreams

Third eye on Ariel waking to loud cartoon voices & the other Ariel (Sarah) doing whatever she wants

Tingles on choking

Chills on Alison's interpretation of dream

Third Eye and solar pressure on the girl still being alive

Third Eye and head pressure on not finding body of Sarah

Solar and nose pressure & head tingle on testimony of convict

Solar pressure on vision Alison sees while questioning him (2nd guy involved)

Solar & shoulders on conversation with DA

Third Eye on why he would go to jail instead of turning in other person

Solar on photos

Chills on Ariel pointing out the ogre

Nothing on scene between ogre and Sarah

Solar on Henry being dependent on Daryl 

Tingles on call at gas station call

Solar on get rid of "present" (Sarah)

I was in a trance for the rest of the conversation 

Solar pressure at gas station attendant overhearing 

Chills on conversation with Ariel about Joe & dreams 

Chills even on head on joes regret & resignation to gifts

Head tingles on the dream about the gun

Twitches on conversation with gas station attendant 

Third eye pressure & tingles on gun

Head tingles on scene with Sarah getting gun & Ariel on phone

Chills on him grabbing Alison & begging her

Head tingles & solar pressure on ending scene


Episode 10

Third Eye on train dream

Third Eye, head pressure & head tingles on her waking up & talking about repetitive dream

Third Eye & head pressure at cookout 

Solar third Eye at invitation to book reading

Third Eye and solar at talk about case

Head tingles organized crime

Third Eye and head pressure on interrogation 

Third Eye stronger throughout psychic testing especially at train story

Nausea at end of story

Third Eye head tingles at morning phone call

Solar and throat on conversation with scientist

Chills on message coming from little brother 

Solar & heart on conversation about 14yo "killer"

Tingles on comparison between dream& reality 

Headache on how well he remembers day of brothers death

Third Eye on capture of kidnapper story

Tingles on nickname when holding sweater

Tingles on kid getting paid to confess

Third Eye & giddy at movie preview 

Third Eye on 3am conversation 

Third Eye and solar on meeting with lawyer

And Alison with DA

Head tingles on book reading

Massive third eye and head tingles on book by Ken Buckley and twitching (It turns out that there is an authour named Ken Buckley who has written an autobiography, but I have no idea if they are the same.)

Head pressure 4am conversation 

Third Eye and head pressure on ghost of kidnapper woman

Tingles on DA meeting with kid & lawyer 

Solar & chest on brother

Twitching on child dying of scarlet fever & rest of story 

Solar on end of story

Third eye on sleeping through night

Solar on brothers meeting

Third eye I dream about security footage of kid

Chills on telling DA about dream

Head tingles on stabbing

There was clearly a lot of third eye and head pressure with this episode. It was nearly constant, but it did dissipate between scenes, so it was a message about the episode, but I'm not sure what. Maybe that's how Alison was feeling during this time?


Episode 11

Third Eye & solar plexus pressure on dream/explanation of getting more intuitive interference while she is sick 

Solar on tv show

Third eye and solar on dream version of show

Long break of no signals

Tingles on head at wife planing for Dorothy to come over that night

Third Eye tingles & solar on car pulling up/murder scene

Solar pressure on fight with Joe

Solar & head pressure on visiting actor in jail

Third eye & solar on actor confessing

Head tingles on Dorothy's brainwave Activity spiking

Head tingles on guy looking like actor

Third eye on father knowing about son but son not knowing father

Third eye & solar pressure on murder scene

Solar pressure on taking the blame

Solar pressure on actual "murder" scene

Third eye and solar pressure on terminal illness

Solar pressure on son visiting 

Honestly I'm not sure what to make of this episode. Maybe it was all made up. Maybe it was all based on a dream she had. I didn't get a single chill or twitch, so it seems as though there were no moments of absolute truth to this episode but many moments of partial accuracy. 

My solar plexus was very active during the entire episode, so there is something to it but I'm not sure what. I have to assume that this was somewhat related to the show Bewitched, but I've never looked into the history of the show, or any other 60s show with a scandal attached to it.

Let me know what your gut is telling you: email me here.


Episode 12

Third eye & solar pressure on opening scene

Hilarious - subtitled dreams joke!!

Solar pressure on science fair/chat about boyfriend 

Solar pressure on getting ready to go to execution 

Head tingles talking about his crimes

Solar pressure during execution 

Third eye on no soul

Third eye on Scanlon murder scene 

Solar pressure during interrogation 

Third eye on his connection with Ray (executed criminal)

Huge chill on vision about Sean with Ariel saying "why mommy??" BIG Yes on this.

Solar pressure & feelings of excitement at photo of dead guy in background 

Third eye during b&w scene about kid w gangster

Heat tingles on Joe trying to convince her she's wrong about Ariel & Sean

Slight chill on "having her become whoever she's supposed to become" 

Third eye on "god you're good looking" by policeman

Nothing on the rest of the police attack scene

Third eye on talk with DA about ghost

Third eye in execution room

Third eye and solar pressure on kid in hall & memory of kidnapper kid

Solar pressure on b&w kidnapped guy scene

Solar pressure during confronting mother (Melissa)

Third eye on vision at murder house

Head tingles on trying to keep girlfriend safe

Solar pressure on Ray leaving hideout

Solar pressure & third eye on final solution to mystery 

Head tingles on leaving for science fair

Head tingles, solar pressure, and dizziness on winning fair & Sean being gone

Heart/excited at disconnected number

Third eye at telling Ariel Sean has left town

Chills on "mommy why?" (again!)

Head tingles on "me that breaks my daughters heart"

Numb tongue on very ending- snuggling with Joe/being comforted. Meaning that part didn't really happen.