Phoenix Forgotten Viewing Guide

When i saw the trailer I felt pressure in my solar plexus and third eye.

I'm beginning to learn that stomach pressure means it's partially correct/true & partially not. Third eye activation usually means 'pay attention.'

Opening scene- Sophie’s birthday party- pituitary gland activation (which feels like pressure on the bridge of my nose) This signal means either: you already know the answer, you don’t need confirmation OR mind your own business. My guess it it's the former.

Confirmation on “I have one thing to say to you” on video (meaning this was actually said, though I'm not sure by whom)

Higher self confirmation on set of five lights that went over during party, as well as someone saying they were ufo’s, and confirmation on the low-flying planes.

Chills on words on newscast (must be from actual broadcast)

Chills on politician making fun of the whole alien conspiracy thing

Galactic confirmation on street interviews- people actually said this stuff

Pressure in stomach when discussing Ezekiel’s wheel having 5 eyes down its side.

Stomach tightens when bikers are talking about flares- meaning they said it, but they’re not right.

Galactic confirmation on when they mentioned F-18s

Hahaha cute joke about Contact (Pretending she is in the ship & wormholing. Why yes, i did just make up a word.)

Confirmation on Native American guy having followed the ships at salt river reservation

Chills on new sighting on the news of more ships

Big  confirmation on lights at top of hill & that the police were there looking for the ufo’s

Confirmation on flight path map

Chills to it being bullsh*t to have to put phones into airplane mode on flights ( i found that hilarious)

Mild twitching on photos of evidence in Cherokee

I got no confirmation at all as they drove past the spirals on the hill

Chills on the billboards- maybe thats what they looked like?

Strong energy around speculations- once again, this is stuff that was said but didn't actually happen.

Chills to police having written it off…abandoned it (the investigation of the disappearance)

Confirmation on mother’s taped speech to Ashley

Chills on politician that joked about it before admitting he was wrong

Chills on parents broke up because of josh’s disappearance

Chills on melted camera

Head tingles and stomach tightening when the soldier comes out to speak with Sophie and says “don’t let that footage get out” (this was said, but not in the context the movie gives it.)

From here on is just the movie being a movie- trying to entertain a horror audience

Chills on the dead animal having been cooked by sun- no on it having anything to do with aliens

Chills on petroglyph

Chills on what they saw in the sky (a light or something)

I got my 'no' signal on the conversation about a ufo sighting near the air force base 

Yes to petroglyphs they found while lost 

Tingles on my head during the sounds Mark heard…and later Ashley

Stomach tight with compass & lights scene- something similar has happened. (It is known that UFOs mess with magnetic forces)

Chills on car disabled/no power - even though when it was later found it was fine. I believe this is common around UFO sightings.

Stomach tight during avalanche/abduction (partial accuracy)

Yes when they see lights of a town or home

Yes to nose bleeds

Nothing on house getting beat up, water flowing upward, etc

Hahaha they made it look like the ship in Contact…but nothing intuitive here, just cute


Mega Spoiler Alert: (Do NOT read until after you've seen the movie, or you'll skew your results)

After my initial review & the above confirmations, I did some research online about whether this movie was really based on facts or not, especially since I got some confirmations on the characters in the movie- who are supposed to be fictional (even though I was unaware that their part of the story was entirely fiction when I saw the movie.)

What came next was a total Inceptiony mindf*ck. 

First of all, there was a movie called Phoenix Incident in 2015 based on the same sightings. The producers of that movie created a powerful online hoax that there had been a disappearance of 4 guys who had gone off-roading and disappeared. Their propaganda campaign included several fake websites beginning as early as 2012. Click here for one example.

This advertising campaign was so convincing that the authorities got involved and began a search for the missing men...who were entirely fictional. So when I got confirmation on the police calling off their search, I believe it was related to this. Also, the billboards in Phoenix Forgotten strongly resemble the missing posters on the fake website for Phoenix Incident, explaining my chills on seeing that.

However, when I learned that the whole story about the three teens going missing in this movie was fiction, I strongly began doubting my own intuition because I got a considerable amount of confirmation on things from those parts of the movie as well. I took to yelling at my guides, saying "How dare you mislead me! I asked to see the Truth!" This led to a night of adventure dreams themed around seeking the truth.

When I woke up, I asked again what was going on and was given the message that a lot of what was covered in the movie was actually true, but had to be portrayed as fictional to appease the powers that be. It's no secret that all kinds of abductions, UFOs, and related events/information have been swept under the rug. There is a specific nod to this when the soldier says " don't let that footage get out."

This is a Ridley Scott film and he doesn't mess around with fluff pieces. He sneaks bites of truth in, so we can be entertained while he plants seeds of truth in our subconscious minds. I only wish there weren't all that fear-based action surrounding it. Dear Ridley, you could take a few pointers from Arrival.

I would suggest using your own intuition and seeing what your Truth is when you tune into it.

For a reference Key to how these confirmations show up for me click here.